Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles an Easter Gift Idea

If you are looking to impress this Easter, why not try Chocolate Truffles. They come in all varieties and sizes and can fit all price ranges but do add that air of luxury for the more discerning chocolate lover.

Chocolate Truffles

The Origin of Chocolate Truffles

The chocolate truffle was first created by in Chambéry, France by Monsieur Dufour 1895. It wasn’t until 1902 that became more popular when the Prestat chocolate shop was established in London by Antoine Dufour.


Nowadays, there are three major types of chocolate truffles: American, European, and Swiss:


  • The “American truffle” is a half-egg shaped chocolate-coated truffle. Made from a mixture of butterfat and dark or milk chocolates, in sometimes also mixed with hardened coconut oil. These chocolate truffles were invented by Joseph Schmidt (from the famous Joseph Schmidt Confections) in San Francisco around 1985.  A Canadian variation, known as the Harvey truffle, also includes graham cracker crumbs and peanut butter.
  • The “European truffle” is usually made with syrup and a base made up of milk powder, cocoa powder and fats to create an oil-in-water type emulsion.
  • The “Swiss truffle” which is probably the most popular in the UK is made by melting chocolate into a dairy cream and butter. This is then poured into moulds to set and sprinkled with cocoa powder

Chocolate Truffle Gifts

Home made Chocolate Truffles

You can make simple chocolate truffles at home by mixing together about 200 grams of plain chocolate with 150ml of double cream over a gentle heat until thoroughly mixed. Allow to cool, this will make the ganache for the truffle centre. With a teaspoon scoop out bite sized pieces and dust them with icing sugar, coco powder or maybe some finely chopped nuts and leave to set. This process is a little messy and a bit fiddley but a very nice treat. However, I recommend buying chocolate truffles ready made by the experts as this provides the extra luxury and pampering that chocolate truffles demand.

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